ALSCollege.Com is a blog that offers free information, updates and review materials about the ALS Program and ETEEAP for college aspirants under the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education of the Republic of the Philippines.

Under the ALS Program, learners that will undergo this program will be given a secondary certificate according to their completed levels such as elementary, junior high school and senior high school. Elementary certification enables learners to enroll in the junior high school level, a junior high school certificate will qualify them to enroll in the senior high school and after finishing senior high school, learners can proceed to college or tertiary education.

In case a learner qualifies for university accreditation, he/she will be accepted in a tertiary institution accredited by the Commission on Higher Education after applying, accepted and complying with the requirements and paying needed fees. Their advantage is to shorten the years that they will finish their degree as long as they qualify and be able to finish their lacking units in time.

Information about these programs in the Philippines are scarce, that is why Alscollege.com aims to augment these resources through our blogposts so that learners and aspiring learners will get relevant information and directions that will help them in their quest for education.