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It’s a pleasure to have you here on our blog. We are ALSCollege.Com, a blog aimed at providing valuable information, tips, and connections about how to earn a tertiary degree through ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEMS. With the success of the ALS Program of the Department of Education in the Philippines, Alternative Learning Systems focused on finishing a College Education, are also gaining more popularity.

The Expanded Tertiary Education and Equivalency Program, more popularly known as ETEEAP, has been established by the Commission on Higher Education to fill the gap in providing tertiary education to individuals who are not able to go back to the formal school setting anymore. It also benefits those who have been doing the actual job but do not have certifications and those who are interested in taking up tertiary education through alternative means.

So, welcome aboard. Let’s connect and exchange information about how to attain a tertiary education thru ETEEAP. ALSCollege.Com blog connects learners, stakeholders, institutions, colleges, and universities through shared information that could provide guidance to our visitors. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to comment and drop your messages on the comment box so we can discuss, share and search for information.

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